How the Organic Deodorant Club Works


How do I signup for the Organic Deodorant Club?

Sign up is easy. Start by clicking going to the Organic Deodorant Shop and then select the organic deodorant that you wish to try first.

At check out you, will select how often you want an organic deodorant (every month, every 2 months, every 3 months, or every 4 months). 

 As always, your order ships free. Yes, you can change your scent each month. See below for more information. 

How does the Organic Deodorant Club work?

  1.   Select your favorite organic deodorant scent. There are 8 to choose from.

  2.   Choose how often that you want to receive an organic deodorant.

      - 1 month = You will receive an organic deodorant each and every month.
      - 2 months = You will receive an organic deodorant every other month.
      - 3 months = You will receive a deodorant every 3 months.

  3.  Choose how many shipments that you want. This will set how long your subscription will last. 

      - 2 = You will receive a total of 2 organic deodorants.
      - 3 = You will receive a total of 4 organic deodorants.
      - 4 = You will receive a total of 3 organic deodorants.
      - 5 = You will receive a total of 5 organic deodorants.

  4.  You then can check out. You prepay for your entire subscription. There are no future charges, just a one time payment for the whole subscription. There are no shipping charges on any shipment. 

When will my organic deodorant be delivered?

Your first deodorant will ship within 2-3 days of your order. The next organic deodorant will ship based on the frequency that you chose. 

 It is May, so here is when you will receive your next organic deodorant:

If you choose "Delivery Every 1 month", your next deodorant will ship on this day in June.

If you choose "Delivery Every 2 months" your next organic deodorant will ship on or around this day in July.

If you choose the "Delivery Every 3 months", your next organic deodorant will ship on this day in August.

How many organic deodorants will I receive in total?  

This depends upon if you chose how many shipments that you chose. how many shipments that you chose.

If you choose 2 shipments, you will get 2 deodorants. If chose 3 shipments, you will get 3 deodorants and so forth. 


How do I get to select the type/scent of organic deodorant I will be sent?

You signup by choosing you the first scent that you wish to try. You can get the same scent each time or try something new each time. Login and click the menu item labeled "Manage My Subscription". You can manage your subscription there.

How do I change to a different organic deodorant scent?

1. Click on "Manage My Subscription" 2. Click on "Manage" 3. Click on Swap Product

4. Click on "Manage" 5. Then Select Your New Deodorant Scent


If you need assistance please call us at 260-422-6925 or email us at

 In what ways can I manage my subscription?

Graphic showing the options of organic deodorant management.

What if I want to change the frequency of my club deliveries?

Your first deodorant delivery will be within a week of signing up for the 2 Dollar Deodorant Club. The following deodorants will be shipped to you every 3 months, after the first delivery.

The only other frequency option we offer is for all four deodorants to be delivered together. Drop us an email at to alert us that you wish to exercise this option. We will email you prior to shipping to find out what other scents that you want.

What if I want to cancel my membership?


We are sad to see you go. Cancelation is simple and hassle free. Call us at 260-422-6825 or email us at

Refund amounts are subject to the number of deodorants you have been sent. For example, if you have been sent two deodorants at the time of cancelation you will only get $12 back.